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Synod in Holy Land - Meeting on the Mount of Olives

Sunday, March 13th, Christian communities of the mount of Olives gathered together to celebrate the Lord who is calling for communion, participation, mission.

After the parish Mass in the church of Bethphage, some faithful came to the Carmel of Pater, with Fr Silvio. Fr Luciano and his community of the Silent Action of the Cross, Combonian Sisters (Ashayah street), Benedictine nuns, Little Sisters of Jesus of Abu Dis, Sisters of Mother Teresa, some volunteers and young adults of Taizé.

To meet, to get to know one another a little more, to be able to put a face on brothers and sisters who are so close: this is a very simple yet most beneficial approach! All joining in singing the Our Father in Arabic made all faces smile, though the language barrier remains so cruel.

To be a sign of hope in our world […] to engage again to be in the heart of the life of the Church, to be a leaven giving birth to communion, to participation, to mission

(Preparatory Document – Synod Holy Land 2021-2023)

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