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Living our contemplative life on the Mount of Olives, requires a minimum budget for our basic living expenses, but also for the maintenance of our buildings and garden. The sale of our handcraft is our key resource. It has severely suffered from the lack of pilgrims and tourists during the pandemic.


We are truly grateful for any donation that you are able to make.  Every donation, large or small really does help us keep going and will weave brotherhood from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.


A donation to the Foundation of Monasteries is safe, and also ensures a solidarity fund with other religious communities. Simply tick: “I prefer devote my donation to a monastic community” and then indicate "Carmel of Jerusalem".


We are truly grateful!

Every day, we remember our benefactors in our prayers.


“Behold, my Lord, with the love that Thou hast for us and with Thy humility, nothing can be an obstacle to Thee.”"

(Saint Teresa, The Way of Perfection 27,4)

I firmly believed that our Lord would not be wanting to those who had no other wish but how to please Him. And if sometimes there was not provision enough for all, upon my saying that those only who stood most in need should partake of it, each one considered herself not to be such, and thus the food remained till God sent sufficient for all.”

(Saint Teresa, Book of the Foundations 1,2)

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