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A taking of the habit in the Carmel of Pater Noster

Saturday, March 5th 2022, as Church was celebrating the first Sunday of Lent, Anne received the habit of the Carmelite Order in a religious custom which also makes her enter the novitiate.

This Celebration of the Word of God takes place in the community intimacy. A thanksgiving Mass was celebrated on Sunday, March 6th with some friends.

With the joy of the Magnificat, sister Anne of Jesus (her new name), starts her novitiate, an important time in the initial formative journey. The Word of God was an invitation to follow Jesus in the desert. The homily remarkably linked the baptism dimension of Easter with the new habit sister Anne had just taken on.

By leading a communal life amongst the sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may she discover, thanks to Thee, fraternal charity.” (prayer of the ritual)

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