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In 1868, after having bought land on the Mount of Olives, the princess Héloïse de la Tour d'Auvergne  gave in one part to France and another to the Carmelites. The chapel of the Pater Noster is common to both: belonging to France, it is entrusted to the Carmelites.

We hence have a very special bond with the Eleona site, visited by many pilgrims and tourists. We are the “spiritual guardians” of the Eleona, offering our presence as contemplative nuns, and welcoming pilgrims who wish to celebrate in the chapel. Yet, we do not administer the site. This is the responsibility of the Consulate General of France. Therefore, we do not collect any entry fees. We are allowed to exhibit our handcrafts, and this is our source of income.

Every year, on October 15th for the feast of Saint Teresa, a solemn celebration in the presence of the Consul General of France, honours this link.

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