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The fruits of the earth, bread and wine of the Kingdom.

The summer sun shines on the Holy Land and ripens nice fruits: golden grapes, tasty figs, prickly pears sought-after by the neighbours whose children enter the garden to pick some themselves. It’s a little disappointing as we’ve been giving plenty to all who asked for. Yet let’s rejoice as the whole earth belongs to the Lord and all shall be “to the praise and glory of His name”!

We received a very nice session in August to further deepen our liturgy. Fr Olivier Praud beautifully and masterfully helped us work on the meaning of Holy Mass and its ceremonial deployment, thanks to the new liturgical translation. He emphasised on the concept of sacrifice. Thanks to the generosity of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, Fr Olivier gave us a new Missal, which we still didn’t earn! This Missal is sign of coalescence, transmission and participation. Hence, in community and as far as possible, we shall become HIM, as our Holy Father Francis wrote in the Letter Desiderio desideravi (n°41).

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