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“Our Father, which art in the Heavens.”

O Son of God and my Lord!

How is it that Thou canst give us so much with Thy first word?

It is so wonderful that Thou shouldst descend

to such a degree of humility as to join with us when we pray

and make Thyself the Brother of creatures so miserable and lowly!

How can it be that, in the name of Thy Father,

Thou shouldst give us all that there is to be given,

by willing Him to have us as His children

and Thy word cannot fail? …

Being our Father, He must bear with us, however great our offences.

If we return to Him, He must pardon us,

as He pardoned the prodigal son,

must comfort us in our trials,

and must sustain us, as such a Father is bound to do…

(St Theresa of Avila. The Way of Perfection. 27:2.)

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