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Many people have asked us

Many people have asked us how we live the tragic events that our country is experiencing these days. We intensify our brotherhood: with all victims, with the bereaved families, with the people of Gaza currently under the bombs, with the Christians of Gaza who sheltered in the parish, praying day and night: their faith and courage are impressive.

Our neighbourhood is sometimes very silent: the people avoid going out, the works are stopped, there are no more feasts, no music. Our neighbourhood is also sometimes in the turmoil of disputes with the police, as it was after a young neighbour had committed a terrorist attack. We then sadly see the battle of burning wheels and firecrackers competing under our windows with teargas grenades and ‘polecat water’, and we pray that this may not degenerate. Nobody here wants violence to escalate. The youth want to continue studying, the merchants to sell their products and the families to be enabled to visit one another…

We want to intensify our brotherhood by praying together. The days dedicated to prayer, fasting, in communion with the whole Church have been key moments to gather in adoration. Our hope is that our fraternity may pour outside the walls of our monastery.

« Yes Lord, you hear the prayer of the poor. Spread the strength of your arm and rout the proud of heart! Give peace to those who confide in You!”

We pray that Good may spring up from this evil, and that a new harmonious living together may be reached for all in this Holy Land.

The Carmelite nuns of Jerusalem

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