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A Spirituality of Presence to God

Carmel is a contemplative Order.
We live both an intense fraternal life and search for God in solitude.

Prayer in Carmel holds a primordial place.
Prayer helps us enter into the Mystery of Christ:
the Salvation of all Mankind.

Saint Teresa of Jesus (of Avila) said:


"I think that the immense desire
for the salvationof soulsmust come from there, as well as that of contributing a little at praising God”

Relaciones – Relationships, V

For us, prayer is two hours of silent prayer together, and also the entire liturgical life, and prayer continuing all day long. “Who prevents you from turning the eyes of your soul, just a moment, towards this Lord?” (Way of Perfection 26,3). Our father St Elijah, hidden in the torrent of Kerit (1 K 17:2) had this only desire: to stand before the living God.

In Holy Land, and especially on this mount of Olives, our heart is naturally looking forward to this life in presence of the Lord Jesus, in communion with his Holy Humanity. He stayed on this very land where we live!

Prayer directs us towards the consecration of our whole being, and leads to self-giving, giving of ourselves to the community thanks to service, fraternal joy, simplicity… "When two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in their midst. (Mt 18:20).


Union with God and fraternal life: such is the great consistency of the change Ste Teresa wanted. That makes everything great in our daily life.


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