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An extraordinary harvesting of the olives!

“The earth has yielded its increase. God, even our own God, will bless us.” (Psalm 66:7). The 2022 harvest has been particularly abundant: nearly four tonnes of olives. This harvest was also postponed for several weeks to let the olives reach an optimum grade of ripeness. The harvest was carried out by all healthy Carmelite nuns, our two workers and generous volunteers. It was a nice community work, in silent prayer, good humour, mutual support, and physical effort. Sure, 4 tonnes make a huge number of olives!

The olives were brought free of charge to the olive-press by the Trappist monks of Latroun, who also so generously brought the olive oil back to the Carmel. This olive-oil is meant to be sold in our little shop where pilgrims and tourists enjoy it very much. The designation of origin « Olive Oil from the mount of Olives” is a true appeal!

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